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Hyundai Azera Reworked v1.0

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Hyundai Azera Reworked v1.0 ETS2

Mod production Date:
– 08.13.2020 (GMT+09, seoul)

Game Version:

1.0 Version (08.13.2020 GMT+9)

– Caravan Trailer Support( TruckersMP )
– Hyundai Logo Support
– Only Mod Dealer, Hyundai Dealer Support(No UK Dealer)
– Standard & Exclusive Interior Support
– New type plate of Korea
– 6 Color type Paintjob Support(Beige,Black,Blue,Red,Silver,White)
– Kanna can be picked up in the auxiliary seat.
– The texture of the air conditioner and gear has been modified.
– Skoda tire overlap has been resolved.
– Interior GPS Support.
– The point of view shown while driving has been corrected.
– The freezing of the side mirrors has been resolved.

Mod Create&ETS2 Convert By 마린(Marin)
Original GTA5 model convert by ABO3ADL.
Kanna Model Ets2 Convert By (KOR)Syalol

Mod Create&ETS2; Convert By 마린(Marin)Original GTA5 model convert by ABO3ADL.Kanna Model Ets2 Convert By (KOR)Syalol
Mercedes-Benz New Travego 15 SHD 1.45

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