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GN Realm+Economy v1.7.1

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GN Realm+Economy v1.7.1 ETS2

– 950.000 Euro Starting Money (For New Profiles)
– Realistic Sleep and Drive Ours ( IRL Rules)
– Job Fine Increased
– Cheaper gass at youre own garage
– Garage buy price increased to 750000
– Garage Upgrade price increased to 150000
– Increased Cargo Damage to 7.50$ per 1% Damage Taken
– Abandoned Job Fine Increased to 5000
– Changed Truck Count For Online Purchase from 3 To 0
– Cargo Damage Cost Factor Changed from 4 to 5
– Damage Cargo Experience Cost Factor from 4 to 5
– Increased amount of vehicles/trucks on the road
– Some more tweaks on the AI traffic the shut work better now


The Cusom GN Skins (The didnt work in the live build)
because its the second time the will not return

SwiftLifeStyle HD Trailer skin

Fixed some issues with some custom cargo
fixed custom cargo using the wrong trailers
Decreased the request amount do the job list overflow with custom cargo

RusMap v2.2.1 1.38.x
Used Truck Dealer and Used trucks in Quickjob v1.0

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