ETS2 Skins

Glowing Trucks And Trailers v2.0

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Glowing Trucks And Trailers v2.0 ETS2

Glowing colors – Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow

Scania R 2009 4×2
Scania R 4×2
Scania S 6×4
Scania S 8×4

Contains trucks for left and right hand drive.
730 HP on all trucks
6 speed GA867 R transmission
12+2 GRSO 925R transmission
Scania Griffin Special skin (colors can be changed ingame)
Flash skin (colors can be changed ingame)
Streamline skin (colors can be changed)
Green headlights

Contains Curtain, Insulated and Reefer single and double trailers
(Doubles are set as Single in Definition so they should work all over the map)

DLC’S necessary
Special Transport
FH Tuning Pack
Michelin Fan Pack
XF Tuning Pack
Actros Tuning Pack
Mighty Griffin
Raven Truck Design Pack
Cabin Accessories
Wheel Tuning Pack
Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack

Update to compatible versions

Realistic Rain v4.0 1.40 – 1.41
Mercedes-Benz X167 GLS-Class V1.3 1.43

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