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German Companies Skinpack Feldbinder KIP v1.0

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German Companies Skinpack for Feldbinder KIP v1.0 ETS2

– Franz Fischer (63m³ – New Actros)
– Freund (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 52m³, 42m³ – DAF 105, DAF Euro6, New Actros)
– Greiwing (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 52m³, 42m³)
– Hammer & Co (63m³)
– Hegelmann (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Actros)
– Kleinwächter (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 52m³ – New Actros, Renault T, Volvo 2012)
– Kobernuss (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros Streamspace)
– Lente (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 42m³)
– Nijmeijer Transport Logistik (63m³ – DAF Euro6, New Scania S, Volvo 2012)
– Reinert (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6)
– Schmidt Heilbronn (63m³ – New Actros, New Scania R)
– Seifert (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros)
– Sievert Handel Transporte (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 52m³, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)
– Steinkühler (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)
– Transsolution (60m³ ADR – New Scania S)

Supports SCS Tuning Griffin DLCs and Eugene’s Scania Nextgen Rework

Rudi Raser: trailer skin Lente originally made for the initial Feldbinder silo mod Kriistof: trailer skin Greiwing originally made for the initial Feldbinder silo mod LadenSwallow: conversion of Rudi Raser's and Kriistof's skin for the current silo version, all other skins
Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v8.7

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