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Fruehauf VFK ownable tipper trailer v1.0.1

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Fruehauf VFK ownable tipper trailer v1.0.1 ETS2

Fruehauf VFK ownable tipper trailer by Soundwave2142 ver 1.0.1:

– Ownable
– A lot of customization (Images only include ones that come with mod)
– Liftable axle
– Trailer cables
– Fully paintable
– Supports mods with custom lights and signs (last screenshot)

1.0.0 – 1.0.1 was tested on 1.38 and 1.36, most people confirm it does work on 1.39, but I haven’t tested myself.

Update 1.0.1:
– added more companies support to reduce chance city not having any cargo in mods. (tested on 1.36 promods + Rusmap + South Region + Greate Stepp + PJIndo + Australia + and more minor additions, at this point pretty every city had a cargo)
– adjusted position of trailer hook to better fit the truck saddle
– adjusted position of legs when trailer unhook, they no longer should be through ground
– fixed plastic fenders (curved) being darker than chassis due to wrong texture

Soundwave2142, SCS
Kriistof Pack Krone DLC v2.9
Mercedes Benz New Tourismo 2020 v1.47

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