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Freightliner FLD v2.2 1.36

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Freightliner FLD v2.2 1.36 ETS2

Changelog 2.2
It is registered and replaced with a normal rack with cables, now the cable is in its channel along with the rack.
Fixed saddle height, now trailers are sitting exactly
The rear pipes were removed because the crosspiece from the rear pipes intersected with the hose stand. (Not critical but also not logical when you see this, removed)
Removed from orders (because of some standard trailers in orders there was a crash on version 1.36)

– Standalone;
– Find in Renault;
– 2 cabins;
– 1 version of the chassis;
– 14 engines (in place of the engine, the nameplate on the door changes);
– 6 transmissions;
–  own interior (2 options);
– Own sounds (several options, depending on the brand of the engine);
– Own wheels;
– There are own skins;
– Supports advanced coupler;
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories and SISL Mega Pack;
– Many tuning and accessories.


odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi, PaulyAdapted truck in ETS2:losevo58 - Missing files, editReplacement and registration of new cables Kish88 and "Well-wisher".Saddle editing "Well-wisher".
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