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Fikcyjna Polska v1.5.1 1.44 – 1.45

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Fikcyjna Polska v1.5.1 1.44 – 1.45 ETS2

Changes 1.5.1
Adaptation for version 1.44.x;
Fixed many errors.

Changes 1.5
– 23 new cities
– more than 600 km of new roads
– registration signs are adapted to specific cities / provinces
– greeting at the entrance to this voivodship, a description of characteristic places
– ITD Libra
– rebuilt Amazon Sady
– Vegetation has been changed on the entire map from French to Baltic.
– replacing most noise -defendant fences with more realistic on the main roads (S3, S5, A2)
– Seller of used trucks (Lwówek on DK92 and Błonie on DK94)
– all the sounds of the card in FMOD are converted, additionally added birds in the forests
– Each city (including cities without name) has its own sign with the name.
– customizable scale of the base card on the download screen and under “M”
– New road signs throughout the map
– corrections (but there are still many errors)

MATAMET, Hapayek, Adam.J
Colombia Map Mod (Proyecto Mapcol) – 1.36/1.37
d Focus 1.43

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