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Feldbinder KIP Rigid Addon Tandem Addon by Kast v2.1 1.43

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Feldbinder KIP Rigid Addon for Tandem Addon by Kast v2.1 1.43 ETS2

Chengelog v2.1
Compatibilty with v2.1 of main mod

– KIP body für 6xx (4500 + 4700 wheelbase) and 8xx rigid chassis of various trucks
(RJL Scania, New Scania, DAF XF105, DAF XF Euro6, New Actros, Volvo FH and FH 2012, Renault T – selection based on RL trucks)
– A varierty of matching accessories, like sideskirts, reflectives and boxes
– Support of SCS standard paintjobs
– A dolly configuration for the 42m³, 52m³ and 63m³ trailer (Non-ADR only)

Scania LK 111 mod free 1.43
Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v5.3

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