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extreme road v1.1

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extreme road v1.1 ETS2

Extreme Road [Map MOD] is officially launched
After the author’s testing and modification, it is now playing normally!
This mod is an extreme road map
A new archive file needs to be reopened
Yard mods and billboard mods are provided by junjunli!
Special thanks to the author Junjunli!

Update March 17, 2022:
New cities: “Nanyang” and “Shiyan”; two cities.
New freight yards: “aci” “lkwlog” “posped”; three freight yards.
Current setting: Nanyang to Shiyan; this section is an abnormal section;
At present, neither repair shop nor gas station has been set up in the two cities. Drivers are expected to drive carefully!

Update March 18, 2022:
New city: “Xiangyang”; a city.
New yards: “bcp” “trameri”; two yards.
Current setting: Nanyang to Xiangyang; this section is the Nine Ring Road and Marsh section;
Currently added: Zhenping County gas station and Nanyang gas station, Xiangyang has no gas station.
New feature: Online has 1 million gold, level 59

Update 18 March 2022 22:01:31:
Xincheng City: Fangcheng County; Sheqi County; two cities.
New yard: “eurogoodies” “tradeaux”
The weight of the goods could not be updated in time this time.

Update March 21, 2022:
New cities: Wugang City, Yexian County, Pingdingshan; three cities.
Modify the city: Xiangyang City was changed to Xinye County.
New: Added lossless effect.
Modification function: delete gold coins and experience codes.
BUG FIX: The flickering effect of the Xinye County city map has been fixed.
The cargo weight could not be updated this time.

Update March 24, 2022:
BUG repair: repair the city name BUG; repair some roads with gaps BUG.
Optimize some city backgrounds.
The cargo weight could not be updated this time.

Update March 27, 2022:
Optimize the route background and fix the city name BUG.
Add a rest area.

Update April 2, 2022:
Fix circuit bugs.
New route difficulty; Pingdingshan City/Ye County to Fangcheng County, double-shaped road in the air.
Added repair station, gas station.
Expected update:
Fix some bugs
Function: increase the weight of goods;

moqingming Junjunli
Iveco Stralis V5 1.44
Poppy Air Freshener Interior Addon Pack v1.0

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