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Extended Garage v2.0.2 1.45

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Extended Garage v2.0.2 1.45 ETS2

This mod replaces standard garages with changed versions.

Changelogs v2.0.2
Small garage has been added

Added parked cars (outside the garage)
Added parked trucks (inside the garage)
Added an office (with employees and visitors)
Added workers (inside the garage)
Animated barriers are added at the entrances to the garage (only large garages)
models appear depending on the time of day and weather
The ability to place the logo of your company on the garage (textures lie in the Material Dlux Biglogo.DDS, BIGLOGO_NRM.DDS, SMALLLOGO.DDS folder)

Mack Anthem SCS v1.4 1.39
Multiple Trailers in Traffic v7.0

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