ETS2 Trailers

Ekeri trailers by Kast v2.2.2 1.42

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Ekeri trailers by Kast v2.2.2 1.42 ETS2

Changes in v2.2.2
Missing textures fixed

Pack includes
19 variants of the Ekeri trailers
Lumikko, Carrier coolers
Real company skins
Double trailers
own wheels
Advanced coupling
Trailer lift axle
Company paintjob system
Animated braces
Trailer cables
Ownable trailers
Trailer in traffic

Kast - Trailers Skins, textures: Fabry85 Ogentor Semitrailer wheels Abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model 50keda - low poly base Kast - wheels Mid-axle and jumbo trailer wheels Abasstreppas Flares for the LEDs: abasstreppas
Scania NextGen S & R Blue Pluche Interior v1.0
AfroMap v2.6 1.47

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