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Discovery DC3 Bus Mod 1.38

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Discovery DC3 ETS2 Bus Mod 1.38 ETS2

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Base model: mas adudu.
Edit: mas haechal paradise.
Cvt And Edit Ets: Diny AS

Mods are at mb dealers
Support mod 1.30 to 1.38.

** Mod composition version 1.37 and 1.38 **
• Sound Mod.
• Def.
• Skin.
• Mod Dc3 Edit.
• Mod Dc3 Lock.

* Skin is not locked so don’t try to edit or crop it without the author’s permission *

Adudu, Haechal, Diny
MAN 520 HN + BDF Trailer v1.46
MAZ-6303 16.03.22 1.43

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