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Dirt tires and rims pack v1.02

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Dirt tires and rims pack v1.02 ETS2

Rusty dirty and dusty. For truck and trailer
Lots of dirty old tires for trucks and own trailers, standard rusty nuts, covers, 1 kind of axle hubs for the rear axle of the truck and trailer. And disks, on all axes.

Small update 1.01. Includes 3 types of front hubs “MB”
Paintable a little rust. Green classic rust and creepy rusty.
And added icons with the “jerrymods” logo for a more convenient search of my details.
1.01w Added a change to the texture of the spare wheel of the trailer Log, Box, flatbed. Mud and winter. Some winter tires and wheels for winter locations.

1.02 Add 315/80 tires and new truck rims dirty rusty. rear hubs
Thank you for the attention.
It’s already late at night, I’ll make a more detailed description tomorrow.

1.42 support

Radar detector 1.45
Ownable overweight trailer Doll Panther v1.4.15

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