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DAF XF106 480 Weeda Transport 1.39

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DAF XF106 480 Weeda Transport 1.39 ETS2

We present to your attention a fundamentally new product in the lineup of our team – a show truck mod from the Netherlands DAF XF106 480 Weeda Transport. The appearance of this truck with us became possible as a result of the beginning of collaboration with the Caspian Customs Team, which is one of the pioneers of this style in modding for ETS 2 and is close to the benchmark in the field of custom truck modeling.

This mod itself consists of a truck and Vogelzang curtainside semi-trailer, has a very high detail, the highest quality baking of a 3D model, its own wheels, flarepack light masks, high quality shadows, the original tuning corresponding to the style and real truck. Absolutely nothing superfluous.

ATTENTION!!!!! Immediately, in order to avoid misunderstandings, I want to draw your attention to the fact that such trucks in the game are very demanding on the capabilities of computers. It is comfortable to use it on medium and weak computers, even after the optimization we have carried out, it will be unrealistic.

1. Mod fully updated to new 1.39 game patch;
2. Added windows & exterior wipers animation;
3. Optimization 3D models for comfortable using;
4. Mod has a new own FMOD sound;
5. Mod has own phisycs;
6. When you connect the truck mod, all the usual glowing green activation symbols will disappear, instead of them you will see hatches on the asphalt or cones;
7. All bugs and errors have been eliminated, the mod has an absolutely clean log and completely works correctly in the game;

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