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DAF XF 105 & 106 KELSA LIGHTBARS V2.2 1.44.x

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DAF XF 105 & 106 KELSA LIGHTBARS V2.2 1.44.x ETS2

Support for 1.44 game version.
Game version: [1.35.*] – [1.44.*]+
What is this
The focus of this pack is to bring various Kelsa light bars available for the XF 105/6. All parts resemble their real counterparts as close as possible, that includes slot numbers/positions.
Every part is custom fit to it’s respective truck.
Parts included:
HiBar DH04 (SC cabins)
HiBar DH06 (SC cabins)
HiBar DH07 (SC cabins)
HiBar DH08 (SSC cabins)
HiBar DH11 (SSC cabins)
HiBar DH12 (SC cabins)
VisorBar (SSC cabins)
MultiBar XL
LoBar (different for 105/6)
Sidebar for XF 105 (stock side skirts for 4×2 only)
Sidebar for XF 106 (stock side skirts for 4×2 only)
Airbar (4 variants) Mid exhaust slot.
Bakbar (Cabins with spoilers only) Roof grill slot
Bakbar High Mount (SSC Cabins only) Roof grill slot
High power reverse light for the Bakbars (2 variants)
ChassisBar (both trucks)
Wingbars (XF 105 only)
LedBar (XF 106 only
BeaconBar (SSC cabins only)
Illuminated, skinable LED plates (SSC cabins only)
Some SCS skins will conflict with the airbar template- can’t test/fit everything perfectly
The Bakbar for the XF106 is higher than IRL – clipping issues with truck parts
Missing Bakbar for the XF106 Space Cab (no spoiler) – NOT A BUG, maybe in a future update

Scania S Highline HRT skin v1.0
Renault Magnum Mack V8 E9 Open Pipe v1.0

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