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Cervellotica Physics 1.44

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Cervellotica Physics 1.44 ETS2

This mod focuses on suspension (truck+cabin+tire), brakes and steering.
Interior camera horizontal lock > 50% is highly recommended. Enabling physical camera movement is recommended too.

IMPORTANT: the first time you enable this mod you MUST issue the command “g_cabin_suspension_stiffness -2.6”
into the console BEFORE going to your truck; you can safely do that
from the main menu. Instructions on how to enable the console are
available on the web. If that command is issued before enabling the mod,
you shouldn’t encounter issues apart from the cab behaving a little
Truck suspension stiffness, truck stability and trailer stability sliders shall all be set to 0%. Setting the cabin suspension stiffness slider to any value will override the value previously specified through the console!

Braking intensity slider shall be set at 90%.
If you have very few truck + trailer axles, you might need to edit brake_torque_factor to slightly higher values (try 0.1, 0.2 and so on) in the physics file since setting braking intensity to 100% might not be enough (I use an 8×4 truck + 4 axle trailer). Notepad is all you need to do so.

For gamepad users, steering sensitivity should be set at roughly 40%, steering non-linearity 0-10%, steering animation 1700°.

Results: suspension should be soft and dampened, not bouncy; braking should be quite aggressive at very low speeds so that if you slam on the brakes at 5 km/h the truck will immediately stop; steering should be kinda more reasonable for gamepad users. I haven’t really succeeded at making the steering more vague than vanilla through the tires lateral stiffness without getting some very annoying lateral bouncing yet.

Known issues: sometimes when hitting a sharp bump (rail crossing, etc) the cabin physical camera might not move smoothly, though it doesn’t seem to cause other issues; cabin roll might be a little too much at the moment; braking hard at very low speeds with very low gears engaged (crawl gears etc) unexpectedly keeps the truck’s nose from dipping; in some weird scenarios (strange collisions) the truck might take off unexpectedly, though normal driving has always been fine during testing. I warned you.

This mod is the most basic mod possible (only contains the physics.scs file), maybe I will add some description etc in the future. Just paste the .zip archive in your DocumentsETS2mod folder and enable it in Mod Manager. If you want to experiment by yourself, you just have to play around with the parameters in the physics.scs file contained in the .zip archive.


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