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Beimer Meat paintjob Scania S and Närko trailers

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Beimer Meat paintjob for Scania S and Närko trailers ETS2

I want to share a mod that I have been working on in recent days. I am a total beginner and I need as much input as possible from you guys. I thank you in advance.

The software that I use to work on:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Notepad++, Mods Studio 2

I try to make all paints and accessories exactly the same as in the real world. All images are created from scratch. Nothing is taken from others.

Apply this mod to:
– Scania S rigid chassis with Närko 4.4m box (both regular and 6900)
– Rigid Mid-Axle Närko trailers
– Rigid 15m Närko trailers (22 inch wheels)
– Rigid 15m Närko trailers (19,5 inch wheels)

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