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Asphalt Patch of random events v1.5.5 beta 2

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Asphalt Patch of random events v1.5.5 beta 2 ETS2

Version 1.5.5 Beta2
Some Fixes

Version 1.5.5 beta1
Added missing mat files
In zip file you will find another file : asphalt patch of random events even more patches scs! Use this instead of asphalt patch of random events more patches scs!
Version 1.5.4
Corrected all red textures bugs

Version 1.5.3
Added aniother missing mat files

Version 1.5.2
Added missing mat files

Version 1.5.1
Added option to increase the patches probability in overall random events.

Version 1.5
Adapted to 1.35 patch game

Version 1.4
Removed asphalt_patch_of_random_events_all_roads.scs file !!!
Reworked collision due to changes in truck phisics in 1.33
Added more colisions, including for road canals !!!!
Incresead the frecuency of patches in overall events

Version 1.3
In zip file you have 3 files:
asphalt_patch_of_random_events_main.scs is required and have patches only on local roads with default random events count….

If you want to have patches an all roads, use also: asphalt_patch_of_random_events_all_roads.scs
For great number of random events, use: asphalt_patch_of_random_events_more_events.scs

asphalt_patch_of_random_events_all_roads.scs and asphalt_patch_of_random_events_more_events.scs must have higher prority then asphalt_patch_of_random_events_main.scs

I’ve edited the asphalt patch of random events, by adding collision and substance to them, so, you can feel the bad road texture when driving over those patches !!!!!

Todor Alin
Route Advisor Mod Collection v5.1 & ATS 1.38 Mod
Trailer Wielton Pack v1.1 1.37

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