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Animated Steering Wheel v1.0.7 1.48

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Animated Steering Wheel v1.0.7 1.48 ETS2

Supported trucks
DAF XF106 LHD version
MAN TGX2020 LHD version
SCANIA R-S 2016 LHD version
VOLVO FH2012 LHD version
SCS Renault T&Magnum mercedes mp4 DAF XG LHD version
SCS MAN TGX ERUO 6&2019 LHD version
SANAX VOLVO fh2022 & Actros Plus: New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul LHD version

mod sort:
1. Animated Steering Wheel.
2. your mod

Other trucks will be added slowly. I hope you enjoy yourself

Skin SNT (Ailsa) Volvo FH 2012 SCS
MACK ANTHEM v2.3 1.39

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