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AI Truck Speed Truck Traffic Pack Jazzcat v1.4 1.38

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AI Truck Speed for Truck Traffic Pack Jazzcat v1.4 1.38 ETS2

This mode allows trucks in traffic to move at different speeds.
Trucks are not always racing with you. The drivers who carry loads of different weights and have different motor powers also have different driving habits.
Therefore, there are many trucks moving at different speeds. This mode is designed to simulate this situation.

It also provides solutions to the DAF Truck problem that is frequently seen in truck parking lots and fuel stations. With this mod you can also see jazzycat trucks in parking spaces.

This mod works with “Truck traffic Pack by Jazzycat 4.9” and higher.

The trucks in the “Truck traffic Pack by Jazzycat” package will be at different speeds.
This mod should be located above the above mentioned Jazzycat package.

Compatibility ETS2 1.38

SCANIA R700 Reworked v3.2 1.44
TR Extended Map v1.2.7 1.43

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